Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Girl Names

Like I said, we have had a boy name picked out for about two years now.  A girl name, on the other hand, is proving to be a little more challenging. (When we chose the boy name, we chose Natalie for a girls name, but now we are reviewing our choice.)  We are having a hard time agreeing.  Michael "likes" some of my name choices, but he's not "in love" with them.

We have pretty much decided that Grace will be the middle name.  I have loved Grace for years--looong before it became the "go to" middle name.  (I hate that it's the new Ann or Marie).  I had a little girl named Grace in my class about 6 years ago.  I remember standing at my desk one day and thinking "  I really like that.  Maybe I'll name my daughter Grace."   We have talked about Grace as a first name, but it's a little too "sss" sounding with Sellers.  Plus, it's incredibly hard to come up with a middle name for Grace.

Some names that I love but Michael vetoed are:  Harper, Hadley--I think there were more, but now I can't remember (pregnancy brain?)!

Some names I liked that Michael vetoed are: Jillian (says it's like Jillian Michaels), Lillian (too old sounding), Abrianna, McKenna

Some names Michael suggested (not sure he loved them) that I (immediately) vetoed are: Chloe, Paige, Monica

Here is where you come in........
You get to VOTE!
(You are welcome to vote on vetoed names if you'd like.  The name with the most votes may not end up being the name we name our child.  This is just for fun.)

Eden Grace Sellers
Natalie Grace Sellers
Olivia Grace Sellers
Paisley Grace Sellers
Lorelei Grace Sellers
Grace ??? Sellers  
Please leave your choice in the comment section.  Or, if you feel like you have an amazing name to add to the list... then feel free.  If you like more than one, by all means vote for all you like.  If you have only mean things to say about our choices then please just move on to another blog you follow and keep your comments to yourself! :)

These names have come from searching the internet.  I have yet to look through an actual baby name book.  If we find out we are having a girl, then I may do just that.


  1. Eden HANDS down. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I love the names that were popular in like the 30s, 40s and 50s (kind of how we came up w/ Molly--1940s American Girl)I also love Vivian Grace, Evelyn Grace (Evie), Alice, Beatrice, Katherine, Charlotte, Ellen, Joanna, June, Edith (love!), Lucy, Audrey (love--but Jimmy vetoed it), Rosa, LOVE Lillian (but HATE Lilly), Ella, Vera, Rosa, Caroline, Susan....ha those are my names, I'm leaving out name--because it's our name choice if we have another girl...I'll tell if you really want to know :) Naming kids is HARD...good luck!!! love you!!

  2. Olivia Grace! Have always love the name Olivia!

  3. I know a little girl named Gracelyn..it's not exactly just Grace, but then maybe it's not too much ssss to go with Sellers? :)
    A favorite of mine that I'll never get to use now is Emmalyn. It sounds good with Grace as a middle name.
    Out of your choices above, I'm going with Natalie Grace :)


  4. I do love Ella, but it's SO popular. I like Ellie too, but it's not a very grown up name. The only name I like that could go with Ellie is Elise. Elise Grace Sellers is way too "ssssss" sounding!

    I have heard of Gracyn, but not Gracelyn. Maybe?

    Honestly, I think Olivia is the front runner. (But I still love Harper!) I like Eden, but I do know three little girls under 2 named Eden. I'm not sure if Michael is sold on it. We'll see! :)

  5. WOW... that's hard.... if I have to Natalie Grace would be my choice, but all of them are fun names with a nice ring to them. Eden is beautiful too!

  6. Ok ...

    I like Eden & Olivia off your list ... and Evie off Erica's suggestion but not Evelyn (not sure what other name would result w/ Evie as a "nickname")

    Or off my list from Zach there is Emmaleigh (or Emalea) ... just to be slightly different....

    It is hard!


  7. I love Olivia and Lorelei (reminds me of "Gilmore Girls")!!