Friday, January 28, 2011

Apartment Pictures, Part 2

The "master" turned guest room
That night stand has since been moved into our room.
We have yet to hang up pictures.  Partly because I'm not sure if things are going to get moved around again.

The reason we made the master the guest room and the guest room the master is because of the lay out.  The master had the office area and was less of a square.  We were thinking that with a king bed and needing to put a crib in our room, using the "boxy" guest room would be better.
The shelf isn't very pretty (I like things hidden behind doors!), but it is nice to have storage.

We don't have TV in this room.  It's just for Michael to play his play station. :)
Also, you can see our patio out the window.  We were storing boxes out there and taking them out to the curb for trash pick a few at a time as to not overwhelm anyone.

So from this view you can see the doorway that leads to the dining room.  Then there is the master bath.  The master bath and closet are currently "mine" and Michael is using the other closet and bathroom.  It's working out nicely.

The bathroom--I like that it has lots of storage!

I'm not sure you can tell from the picture, but the shower is nice and wide!

The door to my closet and more storage!

I've left lots of places empty to soon be filled with baby things!
The top cabinet is completely empty.

My closet!  I love all the space!  
Finally, a place for my purses

I've saved this section for baby things.  I plan on putting baskets up there to store things like baby socks and bibs and other things that don't need to be hung.

Our bedroom
At this point we have no headboard and no wall decorations.  We've split up our old bedroom furniture into both of the bedrooms.  Eventually we'd like to get a whole new bedroom suite of furniture in darker wood.  This works for us now though.

The door on the right goes to the family room.  The door on the left is Michael's closet.  The door straight ahead is to the bathroom.  It is also the bathroom that opens into the living area.
(Don't mind the pictures and box in the "hall"... we've yet to find a place for them.)

 I'm thinking this is where the crib might go... or I might just use a basinett for the first few months and then move one of the dressers in the guest room to put the crib there.  It's all yet to be decided.

There is the same amount of storage in this bathroom as well.

In fact, this is where we have decided to store our games! :)  
Hey--sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! ha ha!

We've been told that garden tubs are a big deal here in Texas.  They were in almost every apartment we went it.  I've yet to check it out, but I look forward to a nice soak in the future.

Michael's closet

Luckily he doesn't have too many clothes, so it's a good place for more STORAGE

So there you have it.  Our apartment.
We also have TONS of stuff at my bosses house.  They have lots of extra room for us to store our things.  Plus, we have a small storage unit here that we rent.  Do you think we have too many things?

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