Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, New Happenings

Last year during New Years I told you that I don't really do resolutions.  Sure, I have goals for myself.  I just don't think they have to start on January 1st every year.  Plus, some goals take longer than a year to accomplish.  I did, however, share some goals for this next decade on my 30th birthday.  I am one year down in that decade.  Here are the goals I shared and how I'm doing so far. :)

Be a home owner and not a condo owner
Alright, so that didn't really happen.  Instead of going from a condo to a house, we went from a condo to an apartment.  However, I'm OK with this.  How would I have ever known a year ago that we would be moving to Texas?!?  Our condo is on the market.  We really need to sell it, so please join us in prayer that God brings along the right buyer.  Until then, we rent! :)
 Decorate my new home.  
 Even though I didn't get my house, I definitely have a new home to decorate.  I won't necessarily be buying new decorations, but finding a place for everything I have is still a little fun.

Do lots more crafts
 I'm not sure I've done a lot more crafts this year, but I did my share.  Hopefully more will come in the future.  Especially fun things for a baby! :) 

Become a mother
 I haven't become a mother yet, but it's in the works!

Be a stay at home mom
By moving to Texas and continuing to be Little Man's nanny, I'm basically going to get paid to be a stay at home mom.  I will have to "go to work" Monday through Friday, but I've basically felt like Little Man's stay at home mom the last two and a half years.  It's easy and fun and not really work.  Plus, starting in the fall he'll be going to Kindergarten.  Here in Texas, full day is the only choice we have.  So from (roughly) 8 to 3, I will be free to do what I want with my baby.  It's a win win.
Continue to enjoy a happy, healthy marriage
Check! :D
Travel more
 We went to Vegas in April.  It was our first real vacation since getting married.  It was nice to just go somewhere for a change.   Then we got to come to Texas, all expenses paid, to get a lay of the land and see if it was somewhere we wanted to live.  It was a nice getaway.  Hopefully the next 9 years will bring more fun vacations! 

Become debt free (hopefully within the next year!)
 Yeah, that didn't really happen either.  Michael got laid off at the end of March/beginning of April.  We lived on one income for nine months out of this year.  Our plan to get out of debt in a year included living on one income and dumping one entire income into debt.  Since one of our incomes got eliminated, we were not able to pay extra.  However, we did decrease our debt significantly. 

Own an SUV--and hopefully pay cash for it! :)
Own and SUV, yes.  Pay cash for it, no! :(  I'm still happy we got it though.  We needed a new car before having a child.  Little did we know, we'd get pregnant two months after purchasing the car.  Also, it was very nice to have when driving down to Texas.  We had it packed with things the movers wouldn't take, or things we needed along the way.  It was roomy and comfortable, and it had cruise control which neither of our cars had.  I wouldn't say it was an absolute necessity for us to buy a new (used) car when we did, but it was "time".  We went from no car payment to having one, but I'm still happy about the decision.

So there you go... some goals I've accomplished and some I'm still working on.  Overall, even with all it's highs and lows and struggles, 2010 was a good year.  I'm excited for 2011.  I'm pretty sure it's going to be great! :)

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