Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Apartment--The pictures you've been waiting for!

Just a reminder of what our floor plan looks like.  It is a total of 1187 square feet.
Our apartment is a flip flop of this... so when you walk in the door, the guest bath is on the right and the kitchen is on the left.  You get the idea.

This picture was taken by me standing at our front door.  The slight door you see on the right is the bathroom, the next door (past the lamp) is the hall closet, and the third door is bedroom #2 (which is suppose to be the guest room, but we made our master).

Looking into the kitchen... you can also see the dining room, which is turning into baby stuff room!

The kitchen.  The  door is the laundry room.

Michael was cooking dinner! :)
The tall cabinets on the left are like a pantry of sorts.  They are pretty deep.
We definitely have more cabinet space and drawers here verses our condo!

The laundry room is pretty small
I need the step stool handy and the other cart just rolls in and out when it's in our way.

There is also just a little bit of storage

The hall closet sure is nice too!  We never had one at the condo, and I hated that!

A few other views of the kitchen
The lazy boy was originally going to go in the dining area.  When Michael brought it in, he just put it in the living room because the dining room was full of boxes.  We intended to move it, but sort of like it here now.  It makes things a little tighter, but it's a nice addition to the seating.  Who cares if it's a little tight, right?

You may notice that everything is a little bland.  Our walls use to be pretty bold in color, so a lot of our decorations are neutral colored.  Now, with neutral walls and neutral furniture, PLUS neutral decorations, everything is just a little beige.  Whatcha gonna do?  I only plan on being here a year, so I'm not worrying about it.  Nor am I buying more things to decorate with.

The dining room
Also, you can see the second bedroom.  It is suppose to be the master, but we are making it our guest room.

There is a built in bookshelf in the dining room.  (Again, that's the door to the bedroom.)

The other side of the dining room
The door goes to our patio.  Don't mind the frames on the shelf.  They are gone now.
Also, all the white shelves will eventually be filled with baby stuff.  It may get moved... we just aren't sure how it's all going to work out yet. :)

The patio is actually a pretty good size.

Right now we just have our two Ohio State camping chairs there.  We are thinking of getting some of those outside storage units.  Patio furniture would be nice, but definitely not a necessity with all the other things we will be paying for.

If you look out from our patio, this is what we see.

Bedrooms and bathrooms tomorrow!!!

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  1. LOVE IT!!! Looks really, really nice!! And so roomy! (our first apt. was almost 1000 sq ft) I love the kitchen, I think it's bigger than my kitchen! Why did you make the guest room the master? Just curious. Looks good!