Friday, July 18, 2014

Park Play

We have had cooler temps this week, so we decided to take advantage and have a picnic at a park.  Instead of going to the park a few minutes down the road, we met Michael at a metro park.

We ate our dinner and then checked out playground number one.
I put Logan in the Baby K'tan and wore him for a while.

We started out at the playground closest to where we parked and ate. Then we walked a little ways to another playground.

This picture made me laugh.  We were trying to explain to Olivia that she needed to stay on the paths/on the mowed part only.  Michael was showing her his arm and telling her that he had some poison ivy and it was itchy and she wouldn't like it.  Logan was apparently taken back by the information!

Since Michael was holding Logan, Olivia decided to go ahead and attempt a slide on her own.

She was pretty proud when she got to the bottom.

Putting those gross motor skills to work!

Logan started getting cranky, so I put him in the stroller and we headed to the next playground.

Olivia did a lot of running.  She kept wanting to smell all of the wild flowers, but we made her stay on the path.

That was when my phone died.... and the camera didn't have the memory card in it.  But we spent some time at another playground.  Logan ended up falling asleep.  Olivia wanted to run down a hill with Michael.  They ended up doing that over and over while I pushed the stroller back and got the car.

It wasn't really the metro park "hike" that I had in mind, so I'm not marking it off of my bucket list.  But we did do a pretty good amount of walking.  Olivia had a great time.  It was so nice to take advantage of the beautiful weather.

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