Monday, July 28, 2014

Making Progress

Olivia has really been into coloring the past week or so.  I got out all of our coloring books and coloring supplies and they are taking up residence in our dining room.  Olivia will just sit and color for hours while I do things around the house.  Just a few short weeks ago her coloring consisted of scribbling one color all over the entire page.

Now, she still scribbles, but she uses multiple different colors and stays within the lines of the pictures.  I'm not sure if you can even tell, because the coloring is pretty light on this one, but even Rainbow fishes scales are multiple different colors.  The leaves are green, the rocks are black, the shell is red, and all of the other fish are blue.

Dory even got colored two different colors!

Her painting is getting better too.
My mom bought her a painting pack from the dollar section at Target.  This is how she painted it shortly after her birthday (so a month ago).

She liked it so much that a few weeks ago we bought her the princess pack.  This time, each princess was painted the proper color.

It didn't come with purple paint, so Rapunzel got a pink dress.  But her face is peach, her hair is yellow, the trees are green, and the buildings are brown.

Even her drawings are changing.  We are moving past scribbling the same spot over and over.

Drawing circles is coming soon... I just know it! :)

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