Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Week of Firsts

I woke up in sometime during the wee hours of Monday morning to Logan laying on his stomach.  Of course, he was in his crib screaming his head off because he was not so happy to be on his stomach.  How did he get on his stomach? Oh, he rolled there.  Apparently he then forgot how to roll back.

So I put him back on his back.  And so the cycle continued.  I think over all I had to turn him 3 times.  One of the times I just went ahead and fed him, because that is why he woke up.  He did sleep a portion of the night on his tummy, but not much.

He did nap for an entire half hour on his tummy on Monday, and slept half of Tuesday night on his tummy as well.  I was hoping that maybe the tummy sleep would be the answer to hour half hour naps.  Although, I knew from experience that it was wishful thinking.

That was Monday.  Tuesday started with his first tooth!  I even said something to Michael on Monday about it.  I didn't feel a thing, but he was being so clingy and whiny.  I think he has started the whole separation anxiety thing, but it seemed a bit more than that.

He's been drooling and shoving everything in his mouth for a while now.  Olivia did it for 4 months before she actually got her first tooth (at 7 months old), so I wasn't really expecting it. I was just throwing out reasons why he just wanted to be held. Sure enough, one of his bottom teeth has popped through.  I wonder when the next one will pop up.

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