Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cakes and Captured!

We didn't go an any exciting adventure this weekend.  I worked a little more than normal, and then we just did a bunch of stuff around the house.  We are slowly trying to get our basement (the unfinished/storage part) organized.

I usually work at Gigi's on Friday and Saturday nights.  That is when the store is open the latest, so it makes it worth it for me to drive there.  I can get some hours in and I don't miss much at home since the kids go to bed at 7 and then 8.  This week I also worked on Sunday morning.  I am learning how to decorate cakes, and that is the time that I could go in and get some practice.
We make the cakes for the local American Girl store.  On Sunday we made 16 of these little guys and then 6 big ones.  I am told that my first attempts looked way better than most.  Although I still have a lot to learn.  Practice makes perfect.  Now that I know how to do it, I will be able to stay later during some of my shifts and work on these.  Again, getting me more hours without missing out on family time.

But since I closed on Saturday night and went in at 6 AM on Sunday morning, I wasn't really in the mood to go anywhere or do anything.  Olivia actually didn't mind.  She got lots of one on one time with Michael, and they even got to watch a storm together one of the nights.  Plus, she got a date night with Michael last night, and I had already promised her that we'd go on a girls date soon.  She's already talking about the Princess aisle....

And speaking of Gigi's--here is a follow up on the girl that held me up at gunpoint.

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