Monday, July 21, 2014

Creekside Fun and National Ice Cream Day

With me working some evenings and Michael leaving in the morning before the kids even get up, our family time is pretty limited.  We try to make a  conscious effort to do something fun (in Olivia's eyes) and family related at least one day over the weekend.  This past weekend we headed to Creekside in Gahanna, which is about ten minutes from our house.

The first thing Olivia noticed when we walked out of the parking garage were the fountains.  She wanted to jump right in.  Of course, there is no swimming or wading in the fountains.

But she did get to play in the water on the wall features.

Which was perfect for her.

Then we headed to the paddle boat ride!  Poor Logan.  Doesn't he look thrilled? :)  He had just finished eating and had fallen asleep.  We thought for sure that he wasn't going to be able to go, so just Michael and Olivia were going to do it.  But then the lady said they had infant life jackets, so we went for it.

Ha ha!  Between his cheeks and my boobs and two life jackets, we were a mess for about the first five minutes of the ride! :)

Michael had to do all the work because there was no way I could hold a baby on my lap and peddle.

It costs $5 for the boat rental (not per person) and you can be out for a half hour.

Of course Olivia loved it.  She loved that Logan was on the ride with her as well.

She kept going on and on about it was such a special treat and she couldn't believe she was on a boat ride and it was so fun....  Totally worth the $5!!

Once I sat Logan up, I think he enjoyed the ride as well.

After our ride we walked down to the waterfall area and fed the ducks.

This was Olivia's first time feeding ducks, and she thought it was neat.

Then we went for a walk along the path.

Or a run for some. ;)

After our walk we had a few pieces of bread left, so we found a little clearing where a lot of ducks were sitting on the bank and fed them.

 We spent a little time back at the fountains getting wet before it was time for us to leave.

It was National Ice Cream Day, and Graeter's (a local favorite) was having single scoop ice cream for $1.44 since they have been open 144 years.  We took advantage and ended our day out with a special treat.  Even after sampling a few flavors, our girl chose vanilla.

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