Sunday, July 6, 2014

Books, Biscuit and Buckets of Fun

We headed to Barnes and Noble on Saturday morning for a special story time.  We got there a little early, so Olivia played with the trains for a little bit.

But then she decided to read--even though we have that book at home.  (Notice her right foot. Sigh.)

Then it was time for story time.  The lady read some biscuit books.

and then Biscuit showed up!

Olivia loved it.

and she got to say hi

and give him a hug

They sang a few songs, and then it was time for a snack! The people from Starbucks brought up some banana split frapps for everyone.

The lady read another book while everyone enjoyed their treat. They got animal crackers too.

Afterwards they supplied coloring pages and crayons.

After our B&N fun we headed to the fountains.

I knew if Boppa joined in Olivia would be a little more brave.

She had no issues going in the water---and it was pretty cold.

I thought Logan might fall asleep, so I kept him in the stroller for a bit.  But no such luck.

So I got him out and took him to watch the water. It was way too cold to put him in it, but he liked watching it shoot up.

And we took the traditional mommy and Logan selfie :)

Olivia spent about 45 minutest to an hour in the water before we needed to head home for lunch.

It was great to get out and have a little (free!) family fun!

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