Monday, July 7, 2014

5 Months-Logan

Logan Michael, you are five months old!

What have you been up to?

*You are wearing size 3 to 6 month clothes

*We just switched you to size 3 diapers

*You love to be holding something in your hand.  If you are in your car seat, you almost always have a grip on the ring hanging off.  You grab things on your play gym and hold on for dear life.  Most of the time, whatever is in your hand goes in your mouth if it can reach.

*You haven't rolled from your back to your belly yet, but you are very close.

*You have turned yourself around in a complete 180 on the floor and once in your crib.  You just want to be moving around.

*You are still take 5  bottles a day.  Each bottle is about 6 ounces.

*You don't giggle yet, but you do this sort of huffy laugh every once in a while when I tickle you or blow in your face.

*You are a little talker.  You seem to have a lot you'd like to tell us.

*You spit up much less than you use to.  You drool a lot, but it is no where near as bad as your sister was.  For this we are all grateful.

*You are still losing some of your hair. Although the hair that is there needs another hair cut.  Seriously!  The hair that is growing back in is coming in very light.

*We try to do a rotation of things throughout the day to give your head (flat spot) a break--sitting in your bumbo, sitting in the jumperoo, tummy time, being held, etc.  Ultimately you still enjoy laying down on your back.  Hopefully this flat spot does not cause us issues in the near future.

*As seen above, if not in a structured sitting piece like the bumbo, you immediately try to squirm into a lying down position.  I am pretty sure you are going to be a late sitter.

*You pretty much want my 100% attention all of the time.  If you can't see me, then you aren't happy.  If you can see me, but I am not paying attention to you then you aren't happy either.  You just love your mommy.  You are warming up to your Boppa too, though.  And you track Olivia throughout the room.

*You are almost always asleep by 7.  You wake up between 3 and 4 AM to eat, and then you are up for the day between 6 and 7.  Lately you have been waking between midnight and 1, but a quick pop in of the paci and you are back to sleep.

*Your naps are still a mess.  This is just like your sister at this age, so I don't even bother.  She grew out of it and became a great sleeper.  I tried every single strategy there was for her and nothing got her past her 30/45 minute naps.  So I'm not even fighting it this time.  I think you are trying to put yourself on the 2/3/4 schedule, but in order for that to work you actually have to nap longer.

*You put anything and everything you can in your mouth.  There are still no signs of teeth, but that doesn't mean you haven't started the teething process.  Hopefully it goes smoothly.  You love chewing on Sophie.  I also just bought you a cuddle buddy/teething combo as that is right up your alley, and you are enjoying it.

*You are really starting to get the hang of the jumperoo.  You are almost tall enough for us to have to move it to the next level up.

*Overall you are pretty happy these days.  I can't wait to see more of your personality begin to peek through.

We love you!

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