Thursday, July 3, 2014

Because Who Doesn't Love a Good Comparison...

All we have heard the past (almost) five months is how much Logan looks just like Olivia.  It's true.  They have a lot of similarities.  They both look very much like their daddy's baby pictures.  I definitely see differences though.  To me, they look like Michael.  But...the little bit of Olivia that takes after me are Gjertson characteristics (my dad's side), and the little bit of Logan that takes after me are Voegele characteristics (my mom's side). At least that is how I see it.  I'm sure to everyone else they just look like little twins. :)

This week Logan started doing this...
He will just suck on his bottom lip and make all sorts of funny noises.

I remembered that I wrote a blog a week before Olivia turned 5 months, and she had started making the same exact faces.  So I tried to take a picture of him sitting in her chair to get a good comparison.
Of course, then he would barely do it.  I got this one picture and it doesn't even show it off that well.  (And yes, despite him being nearly ten pounds at birth--she was bigger than him by this point)

Oh, the eyebrows!

We've got personality!

What do you think?  Are they twins separated by a few years?  Or can you see some differences?  Either way, they are beautiful!

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