Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our 4th of July Activities

Our holiday weekend started on Thursday night.  A lot of cities around here actually do their fireworks on the 3rd.  I was originally going to work at Gigi's, but they were pretty dead so I had the night off.  I had heard of a local festival that was going on where you could see 3 different fireworks displays from one location.  We decided to check it out.

Someone was just a bit excited.  She spent the entire day telling everyone we met that she was going to see fireworks.  She remembered watching them last year.  One of the first times she watched The Little Mermaid she commented on the fireworks, said we watched fireworks before and that they were so loud.  I sure hope her memory helps her in the future! :)

Traffic getting in was awful.  It started at 6 and we didn't head there until a little after 7.  We still sat for over an hour and a half trying to park.
It ended up working out just fine, because Olivia napped for an hour.  Which she needed so that she could stay awake late.

We finally go there.  We briefly checked things out.  I was told there were going to be food trucks.  I was kind of excited.  Food trucks are pretty popular in Columbus, and I was looking forward to some yummy food.  Yeah. That was a fail.  There was a pizza place, Skyline (yuck!) and some other random tent set up. So disappointing.  Michael and I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when we got home!

We also didn't really do any of the kiddie stuff.  Mostly because the lines were so long and Olivia was still a little small for most of it.  The festival was at a golf course and it had some hills.  Olivia said, "Look at that amazing mountain!".  Ha ha.  Once we found a spot to sit and got settled, Michael and her ran up and down the hill a few times and she was thrilled.

We had a little snack while we waited.

Then the show began.
Olivia made comments through the whole entire thing.  She was so excited.

Last year we accidentally ended up way too close.  This year we were just the right distance away.

Look who else got to enjoy the show!  He is currently on a sleep strike (4 month wakeful?).  He woke up when we got out of the car (after only napping for about 20 minutes), and stayed awake the entire time we were there.  He didn't complain.  He seemed to enjoy being outside.

Traffic leaving was a bit of a mess.  We didn't get home until after 11, and it was closer to midnight by the time Michael and I crawled into bed.

Despite Logan waking around 7, we had a lazy morning.  Olivia slept until 10!  We hung around drinking coffee and watching Rapunzel. 

We finally got ourselves moving and just barely made it to a local parade at 1.
Not sure what to think

Old crazy hair woke up as soon as we took him out of the car (nice 20 minute nap, buddy!), so he got to enjoy the parade too.

Sweet Boppa held the huge umbrella for us to protect us from the sun.

Much like the Easter egg hunt, Olivia wasn't too aggressive when it came to getting candy.  By the time she got off the curb it was all picked up.  Ha ha.  Thankfully the sweet dad in front of us would pass her a few pieces or have his daughters share.  Thankfully she was happy with the small handful that she got.

She grew a little bored of the whole thing (it really wasn't all that great, actually), so we walked to Bob Evans and enjoyed lunch.  It was perfect because we missed out on all of the crazy traffic.

We ended up just having a restful afternoon at home.  It was perfect.
"Mommy's little Fire Cracker" is so handsome!  Doesn't he just have the best smile ever?

It might not have been wise to wait until almost 6 to get a picture of them together, but at least I got one.  I think they both had a great few days celebrating our country.  Hopefully you all had a great time too!

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