Thursday, July 10, 2014

Making Popsicles

We rarely have popsicles around here.  I just don't buy them.  I think I can count on one hand the number of times Olivia has had one.  Michael bought a box of 20 back in March when we got the stomach bug, and we still have over half in the freezer.  I thought that since Olivia loves to help do everything these days, making our own would be really fun for her.  Plus, eating them would be a fun treat.
When I was growing up, we always had pudding pops at my grandma's house.  I thought it would be fun to make some red, white and blue pudding pops for the 4th.

I have no idea why, but I bought the big box of pudding mix.  Which was WAY too much.  Olivia helped make the pudding, and then all she wanted to do was eat it.

I separated it out and she helped mix in the colors.  That was the end of my picturing taking of the process. Mostly because it got messy and I needed both hands, but also because Olivia aborted the mission in favor of eating lunch and a bowl of pudding.

We enjoyed our popsicles before heading to the fireworks.

Since the vanilla pudding was more of a yellow color, they weren't exactly red, white and blue.  But they were close enough.  Tasty too!

We also made these raspberry limeade popsicles. 
Olivia crushed the raspberries while I cut the lemon.  You were suppose to use a lime, but I just got a lemon instead.

Logan didn't want to be left out, so he sat in his high chair in the kitchen so he could see us.

 There was so much leftover that I actually used another set of popsicle molds that I had.

The pictures of her trying them the next day turned out kind of dark.  She wasn't sure at first if she liked the sour of the lemon, but she took a second lick and decided that it was yummy. She ate the whole thing.

We have a few more recipes to try, but so far this has been a fun little summer treat for us.

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  1. We are the same way with Popsicles. I bought a big bag last summer & then we only had them once or twice so they were still sitting in the freezer when this summer rolled around! I have tried to get them out more often but it's mostly a special "treat" she gets to have when we have friends over :)