Friday, April 25, 2014

A Picnic at the Park

It was rather nice out yesterday, so we decided to head to the park for a picnic dinner.
Since we are new to the area, this park was a first for us.  It was really nice.

Someone might have been a little excited...

I brought the ergo to wear this little guy, but by the time we were done eating it was a little too cold for my liking.  So I kept him bundled up in the stroller.  He didn't seem to mind.

Swinging was definitely her favorite!

She was still acting like she was afraid of the slides.  I have no idea what that is all about.  But Michael went down next to her once, and then helped her down and she was fine.  Silly girl.

It started to rain, so that was the end of our adventure.  Hopefully we will be able to enjoy some nicer weather soon.

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