Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt 2014

We will be out of town next week when most of the Easter Egg Hunts will be going on.  I wanted to make sure to get to one, so when I saw an advertisement on Facebook for a local church I put it on our calendar. 

It was at a pretty small church (I didn't know), and some of the ways they did things were a little bit odd.  But Olivia had fun.  She didn't realize what was going on.  It was all about the experience for her.

 She got to hunt in an area that was for kids 4 and under.  Most of the bigger kids took off running.  She sort of just stayed in her spot and collected the eggs that were right in front of her.

One thing is for sure... she wasn't greedy.  She filled her basket until she was just done (as you can see by her expression) and then started heading up the hill.  There were still plenty of eggs on the ground.  I think she was the first one to quit.  It actually didn't matter though, because you had to turn in your empty eggs (weird, right?) and they gave you a baggie of candy.  So she could have collected one egg and got the same thing as the kids that collected 20.  I think she was on to something.  Quit early and beat the lines. ;)

We probably won't be going back there next year, but she's 2 and she enjoyed "the hunt".  That was the point.

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