Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Three Months--Logan

Logan Michael, you are THREE months old!

What have you been up to?

*You don't have a 3 month doctor's appointment, but you were weighed and measured at an appointment we were at last week.  You were 15 pounds and 24 inches.

*You are still wearing size 0 to 3 months old cloths.

*You are still wearing size 2 diapers.

*You are eating 6 bottles a day.  Some are 4 1/2 ounces and some are 5 ounces.  You are taking about 28 1/2 ounces on average.

*Just like your sister, you whimper when the bottle is gone and you have to sit up to burp.  A quick paci in your mouth usually fixes the problem.

*You've started to drool.  We are hoping that it doesn't get as bad as a certain other little baby we use to know.

*You love to suck on your hands.  You actually prefer your hands instead of your paci.

*You still aren't a fan of tummy time.  You barely lift your head, but I think we are making progress.

*You also still prefer to be in the laying position verses sitting.  Although, you humor us with the sitting. :)

*You coo and talk and hand out smiles freely.

*You do great with tracking.  You also do look to both sides, so I'm not too worried about that aspect of our "work".

*You are on a pretty good 3 hour cycle.  You wake, eat, and are up for an hour and a half.  Like clockwork, you are ready to go to sleep after an hour and a half.  Then you sleep for an hour and a half.  Of course, that is if you are being held or if you are in the swing.  Naps in the crib result in 45 minutes and waking up not rested.  I hate that 45 minute curse!

*You go to bed between 7 and 7:30.  You sleep 8 or 9 hours, which is technically "sleeping through the night".  You wake up anywhere between 3 and 5 to eat.  Then you sleep until around 6.  I am hoping that we can get that closer to 7 soon.

Things you love--your play gym, your swing, laying on your changing table, getting your diaper changed and hanging out without your clothes off, being in mommy's arm, seeing and hearing Olivia

Things you aren't loving--your carseat, being on your tummy, sitting up for long periods of time

We love you!

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