Monday, April 21, 2014

Time with Cousins

We decided to head to Ft. Wayne for Easter this year.  None of my family there had met Logan yet, and my grandma had asked us to come.  Four out of my seven cousins on my mom's side live there, so we thought it would be fun to see them and to let Olivia play with her second cousins.

We got into town on Friday night around 5 and headed straight to my cousin Sonja's house.  They were flying kites and we just joined right in.
John took over feeding Logan.
And Sonja patiently worked at untangling a kite string.

Sadly, that's all of the pictures I got. We had pizza, the moms talked inside while the dads talked outside, and the kids ran around playing.  My child mostly opened and closed the sliding glass patio doors.  The freedom to go in and out of a house was new to her and she found it fascinating. :)

We had plans to go to the park on Saturday for a picnic lunch, but it was way too cold out.  So my cousin Sonja brought her kids over to my grandma's to play for a bit.
We tried to get a picture of them all.  This pretty much sums Olivia up the entire weekend--unsure!  She was not use to so many kids being around.  She tends to be more on the mellow side.  My cousins kept reminding me that she wasn't "normal". ;)

Everyone napped and then we finally made it to the park in the late afternoon when it had warmed up a bit.  My grandma kept Logan though, because it was still too cold for a baby to be out for that long.
My cousin Erica going down the slide with her youngest son Henry.

Everyone was pretty much running around and doing their own thing.  Olivia was being silly and wouldn't go down any of the slides.  She was acting like she was afraid, but she goes down slides all the time.  She was a little off the entire weekend.  I'm guessing because everything was so new.

But when the kids decided to run up the hill she had no problem joining in.  This is my cousin Erica's daughter Molly and Olivia.

at the top of the hill

Then the all ran down the hill to look at the water.
This is all of them but Ryan.  As soon as he joined the picture Olivia left.  Of course.

John took Sonja's kids over to his mom's and the rest of us went out to dinner.
Molly and Ryan both wanted to sit by Olivia.

Ryan talked her ear off.

The night ended with kids in bed and the mommy's playing cards with their grandma.
I love my cousins!

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