Friday, April 4, 2014

Photo Dump Friday

"I am smiling nice"

So handsome


She thinks she's Doc McStuffins.

Waiting at mommy's doctor's appointment--where my doctor laughed at my labor and delivery story and said if I ever had another child I would not be allowed to go into labor naturally.  I will not be having another child.

My loves

She's a goof.

He loves her, but...   Ha ha!

I love that smile!  He was laying on his jungle gym mat and Olivia came over and sat down and he just started giving her the biggest smiles.

Really, it is amazing to me how they seem to be bonded already.  She could not love him any more if she tried, and he seem to be enamored with her.  I hope they are always close.

That hair.  Seriously. What am I going to do!?  It gets crazy on the one side because he likes to lay in the crook of our arm.


Smiles for mommy

Best. Friends. Forever.

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