Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Two Months-Logan

Logan Michael, you are two months old!

What have you been up to?

You are 13 pounds exactly (somewhere in the 50th percentile).
You measure 23 1/4 inches long (somewhere around 65th percentile).
Your head is   cm (95th percentile).

*You spent most of the month in newborn and 0 to 3 month clothing.  Just this last week or so you have outgrown the newborn clothing and have really started to fill in the 0 to 3 month clothing.

*You are still in a number 1 diaper, but we are about to move you to the 2's.

*You are still eating every 3 to 4 hours.  You take 4 1/2 ounces for most of your feedings, but we are about to bump you up to 5 ounces.

*You eat a total of 27 to 31 ounces a day, which your doctor said was right on track.

*We are still just following your cues as far as our routine goes.  I just can't bring myself to wake a sleep baby and I don't know any other way to put one on a strict schedule.  Your doctor seemed to agree with what we are doing and said that it should be baby led at this point, so I feel better.

*You wake after 45 minutes with naps in your crib.  This same little "45 minute intruder" caused issues with her sister. Thankfully I know that it is outgrown. You will nap for hours and hours in your swing. You also enjoy being held to sleep.  We do a mix of all the above.

*You smile and coo now, and we all appreciate the interaction we get from you!

*You have a good grip and strong legs that you like to kick with excitement.

*You also have very good neck control and don't mind tummy time most of the time.

 *You don't love your paci as much as I thought.  You tolerate it at times, but spit it out when we we really want you to take it.  You also lose it in your sleep and then get frustrated.

*You are gassy and still spit up daily.  It isn't terrible and doesn't seem to bother you, but it is something that has been noted by your doctors.  We are kind of out of options as far as formula goes, so we are just dealing with it at this point.  (Unfortunately, alimentum means your gas smells like rotten eggs.  It can get rather embarrassing for the adults holding you when in public situations!)

* You enjoy laying down more than sitting up.  That means both on the floor and in our arms.

*You have a rattle you like looking at. You also like toys that make the crinkly sound.

*You are great at tracking objects with your eyes.

*You seem to have a little temper and can go from 0 to 60 FAST. Hopefully this gets better with age. :)

*You give us your sweet and content moments too though.  I love your snuggles and I especially love your smiles and dimple!

Things you are loving: your sister, your swing, being held in the crook of our arms facing in, baths

Things you aren't loving: getting in your car seat, being forced to sit, not being held



His two month doctor's appointment went well.  He was in a good mood and was showing off all of his skills for the nurse and doctor.

One thing I wanted to discuss is his constant need to push back his body/head.  It is not in the arching-the-back-I'm-in-pain way. But if we make him sit up to burp or just to hang out, he very forcibly pushes his head back and stiffens his body so that we can't bend it into the sitting position.  Obviously he prefers the laying position, but it just seems a bit odd to me.  The doctor said that it could be that is head is hard for him to hold up, but he has really good neck control so that doesn't seem to be it.  He could have a pinched nerve or muscle related to having a large head.

He does have the start of a flat spot.  I have been very conscious of trying to put him in different positions. Since Olivia's birth, we have had multiple friends whose babies had to wear a helmet for various reasons.  This has made me aware, but unfortunately my baby just does not like to cooperate.  They are recommending that we do some Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT).  This will help both the flat spot and the fact that he stiffens up and only wants to lay flat.  It could also help his gut issues.

We are doing the delayed vaccination schedule, so he got two shots and did great with them.

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  1. Oh my goodness - love that picture of the two of them at the bottom :) And yes, I totally understand about the flat head/helmet. Since Sadie wore one for 9 months, I have been crazy careful with Sophie & luckily we haven't had any problems. Whew!