Friday, December 4, 2015

Playing Catch Up

I had uploaded a few pictures from my phone earlier last month to do a blog post, but just never got around to it.  So these are a little late, and I have a few things to catch up on, but here is our November.

Olivia put a dress on, so Logan wanted one on too.  He's going to hate me one day for this. :)

He's a mama's boy

This guy is constantly making me laugh. :)

More dress up

Oh my word.  This kid and his prayers.  It is a mixture of straight up adorable and hilarious.  He'll say "pray" and then insist on holding hands.  Then he'll squint his eyes and say "Dear God" and then all sorts of other babbling talk that can't really be understood, and then "amen!".  Love him!

We went to a park to enjoy the cooler weather

Olivia loved it.  It was rainbow colored and really big. She especially loved the purple part.  She and Michael just ran around chasing each other while I chased Logan.

We went over to see a pond, and Logan didn't want to leave.  So he just plopped himself down and pouted.

Ha ha!

Family pile up!  I was laying on the couch and Michael came over and laid on top of me.  The kids thought this was a fun game and immediately came over to climb on.

We did a little fine motor practice one morning

more dress up

sweet girl

Are you catching a theme here? :)

We went out to eat for Veteran's day.  Michael got a free meal, and I got food poisoning.  Awesome! :)

Working on using pattern blocks

We had a play date with MOPS friends and the kids were in love with their play room.

That sums up our first two weeks of November.  More to come...

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