Monday, December 14, 2015

Mom and Tot Open Gym

Overall I'm not one to have a lot of mommy guilt when it comes to my kids.  However, one of the things that I have been feeling bad about recently is the amount of quality time I spend with Logan.  When Olivia was his age, I did so much one on one stuff with her.  I want to do those types of things with Logan, and I have intentions of doing them with him while Olivia is in preschool, but y'all... I'm so tired! So I often skip out.  But I made myself go to a play date at the mom and tot open gym this last week.  (I really did just want to go home after preschool drop off and be lazy!)  I knew he would love it, and he did!

The little roller coaster thing was one of his favorites!

He was impressed I could get the hula hoop to come back to me. ;)

He wanted nothing to do with the bounce houses, but he tried out every riding toy they had.

He can give me a run for my money, but he is so sweet at the same time.  I just love him to pieces!

I was impressed with how close he was to figuring the scooter out.  He tried his best, but couldn't get it coordinated enough to make it go.

I'm glad I pushed through and gave my little guy a fun morning out.  He had a blast!

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