Monday, December 21, 2015


Our partying started a few weeks ago.  I didn't take a picture, but I had a lovely morning out with all of the MOPS table leaders.  We had a delicious breakfast, played a few games, did lots of talking, and did a favorite things gift exchange.  All while our kids were having fun in the child care at the church. That's a win in my book!

Then last week we had our last MOPS meeting of 2015.  It was our Christmas party, and it was a pajama theme.  Kids and moms alike were to come in their jammies.
Here are some of the ladies from my table.  We had a catered breakfast, a quick devotional, a fun craft, some games, an optional gift and cookie exchange, a photo booth, and good conversation.  I just love MOPS!

I also attended our women's Christmas party for our church.  It was on a Sunday night, which is also when our life group meets.  So since all of the moms from the life group (pictured) were going out, all of the guys met at our usual house and played poker and had our regular babysitters watch the kids.  So fun was had by all!

We also went to Olivia's preschool program.  It was short and sweet.  Unfortunately my regular camera had a dead battery, so most of my pictures were fuzzy.  Michael took some video.  She did much better this year than last year, and was super excited to have us watching her.

She makes it no secret that Boppa is "her favorite member of the family". ;)

She had her Christmas party after the program, but we didn't stay.  They don't really like siblings coming, and as a former teacher I get this 100%.  Plus, it was Logan's lunch and nap time.  But she had a blast.  They also did a book exchange and she got a Mo Willems book that everyone in the family is loving.  (Shockingly, our first Mo Willems book ever!)

Michael's work didn't have an extra party (which I'm a little thankful for).  Instead, they had a catered lunch one day.  So he got to enjoy that.

I babysat for Wil and Alycia so they could go to Wil's work party...
and then she babysat for us, so that we could go out on our joint birthday date.  We had a very yummy dinner, did a little shopping, and then found a cozy spot to have some dessert.  Totally "us"--chocolate cake and milk along with cheesecake and a latte.  We had a great time, and the kids did great for Alycia. Logan didn't even cry!  It's a birthday miracle. ;)

Besides our advent activities, we have a pretty low key week ahead of us.  I, for one, am thankful.

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