Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015

We tried to get a picture of the kids putting out their milk and cookies for Santa... that pretty much sums up how pictures go.  Logan absolutely refuses to look at the camera, and then Olivia gives the worst possible fake smile.  Merry Christmas! :)

After the kids were asleep, we got to work!  We actually did try to keep it pretty simple this year.  I've just spent the last 9 months trying to downsize our "stuff".  But to be fair, there are presents from two sets of grandparents under our tree too!

Santa came!

Logan got a new basketball hoop with some extra balls.  (His baby one from last year is getting sold!)

And Olivia got the pink marker she asked Santa for. ;)  Along with some scented markers, pastel markers, a "how to draw" book, and a giant bad of paper.

We were woken up at 7:30 the next morning with exclamations of "Santa came! Santa came!"
We actually had to wake Logan up, because there was no stalling sister.  He walked out, took the ball, and made a basket. :)  I think Santa picked wisely.

Olivia just plopped herself down right in front of the tree and started unwrapping.

Both of the kids got an ornament, as is tradition.  Olivia got an Ariel one and Logan got Ninja Turtles.

A few days before Christmas, Olivia randomly remembered a teddy bear that she use to have that had a red bow around it's neck.  She decided she wanted one from Santa (because hers was long gone). Thankfully, Santa shops at Target and was able to find a last minute stocking stuffer.

At first Logan didn't want to put his milk down. Then he got the M&M candy cane in his stocking and didn't want to put that down.  So unwrapping went kind of slow for him at first....

His own little toddler backpack.  Ninja Turtles, of course!

Kid knives to help mommy in the kitchen!

Logan really liked his Melissa and Dough tool set.  (Yay, Pampers points!)

Actually, ALL of Logan's toys were a hit with both kids!

It took us about an hour to open all of the gifts.
Then we breakfast, and the kids played while Michael assembled all of the things that needed to be assembled!

Olivia loved her pack of "pink"!

I think over the coarse of the morning we tried out every. single. toy. :)

After we played, and then cleaned up a bit, we had lunch and the naps.  It was really nice to have a low key day at home to just enjoy the gifts.

We had our friends over for dinner.  We kept it low key.  I made chili in the crock pot, which I knew my kids wouldn't eat...
She the littles got a Christmas themed dinner of their own.

It was a nice, relaxing, family day.  The kids loved all of their things, and did a great job of sharing.  And Michael and I had a great time watching all of their joy.

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