Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Advent 2015 {{days ten and eleven}}

Between church, MOPS, and a Christian preschool, we are not missing out on the true meaning of Christmas.  Olivia is being taught it on an almost daily basis.  We have also had many conversations at home, as well as playing with our Little People nativity and talking it through that way.
But I did want to incorporate at least one activity that reflected the real meaning of Christmas into our advent activities.  So we did this M&M story.

They each got a bowl of Christmas M&M's to eat while I read them the poem.

Aww!  Such a sweet sister!

Then as they finished up their treat, I also read them one of our board books about The Christmas Story.  Logan didn't really get it.  He was just happy to have M&M's, but Olivia totally understood.

For day eleven we did an art project

Olivia was totally into it and was wanting to make sure everything was just perfect.

Logan did a few pieces...

But mostly he just kept telling me "no".  This is him crinkling up one of the pieces on his head.  He had just woken up from his nap, and he was just not feeling it.

He did put the star on, though.

The finished products! :)

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