Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Advent 2015 {{days five and six}}

Our Saturday morning consisted of building a gingerbread house.  Olivia was thrilled that we were back to "exciting" activities. ;)
At first Michael couldn't get the frosting to come out. Then he squeezed a little too hard and the bag broke and frosting was everywhere. ha!  Luckily I had some extra frosting I threw in a sandwich bag and used.  It wasn't

 pretty, but it worked.

I just plopped frosting everywhere and then let the kids go to town.

Would you expect anything less from Olivia's side of the house?  Neat, orderly, and executed with a plan!


 Really, he just wanted to eat all of the candy... and he did consume his fair share. But he had fun and did decorate too!

Day 6 was some new holiday stickers from the dollar spot.  Both kids spent time making scenes in their notebooks.  They are both pretty big fans of stickers!

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