Thursday, December 10, 2015

Advent 2015 {{days seven, eight, and nine}}

Day Seven was making an ornament.
So if you haven't figured it out already, I'm trying keep our fun little advent tradition while staying simple (too much on my plate) and using items we already have (too much in my garage).  For the ornament, I wanted to do something the kids would actually be participating in more than just making a fingerprint.

I found a Rudolph type craft on Pinterest that I tweaked based on the items I had on hand.  We just watched Rudolph for the first time last weekend, so it was sort of applicable.

Logan put both of the eyes on upside down, so it's a good thing Rudolph had his nose to lead the way! Ha!

Not bad, and the kids are ridiculously proud.  I added some ribbon and added them to the tree.

Day eight was a candy cane hunt.  I hid all 12 around the living room, and the kids hunted them.  Then they each got to eat one.  All of the pictures of them finding the candy canes were blurry because they were having such a good time and dancing around with excitement.  Win!

I didn't take any pictures of day 9, but it was movie night.  Wednesday nights are my night off.  We watched a Christmas movie, ate cookies, and drank egg nog--which is a new favorite of Olivia's.

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