Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Advent 2015 {{day seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, and twenty}}

Day 17 was one of those days where mommy was just a little tired of advent activities. ;)  I had planned to do a painting, but I just didn't feel like it.  So I pulled out our little elf game that we were gifted last year.  Only it didn't really hold the kid's interest at all.  I was trying to clean the kitchen, and they just weren't into it.   So our activity ended up being another watch a Christmas movie type night.  Olivia had already had a day full of Christmas at school, so I didn't feel too badly about it. :)

Day 18 was make a Christmas treat.  We don't do a ton of baking, because it's just our little family.  But the one thing we do make every year is white trash.  Olivia helped with all of it!

For day 19 we headed to Frisco Square to look at the lights. The whole thing is coordinated to music.  It's really fun to walk around and see.  Plus, they have fake snow every 15 minutes.

They had all sorts of activities... train rides, ice skating, tubing down a (man made) snow hill, and a petting zoo.  We chose to do the petting zoo.

Logan was unsure at first and wanted to be held, but he warmed up over time.

And Olivia got to do a pony ride.  It went a little faster than she was expecting (and all my pictures were blurry).  She started freaking out a little bit and yelling about where to hold on, so one of the workers went in and walked with her.  I was thankful, because I wasn't 100% confident she wouldn't have fallen.  She really enjoyed it, though.

Day 20 (Michael's birthday) was Christmas coloring pages.  I cannot even tell you how many hours this girl spends coloring in a week.  It's shocking!  Instead of printing off a few Christmas coloring pages for her (which she flies through), I just went ahead and bought a whole themed book at the dollar store.  She loved it.  Don't ask about her face... she's a goof and did that on purpose.  I don't know... my kids have zero personality. ;)

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