Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Finishing up November (in the second week of December)

 I think I've mentioned this before, but sometimes when we have a weekend where there is nothing going on and we just need to get out of the house, we head to the mall.  Olivia will tell you that the mall is one of her favorite places to go.
 And we usually don't even play at the play place because it is always CRAZY.  We like to go to Barnes and Noble.  Logan likes the train table...

 And Olivia can always read a stack of books. 

Other fun things to do are the Lego store, browsing Build a Bear, checking out the candy store, and Olivia likes to go for a $2 carousel ride.

His life is rough. ;)

Olivia helped me put the tree up while Logan was napping one day.

Logan watched Michael shave one day.  The next day he took the extension cord from the Christmas tree and started moving it up and down on his chin making a whirring sound. :)

On the last day of preschool before Thanksgiving, Olivia's school had a family feast.

Thankfully Michael's work is pretty close, so he was able to come as well.

We had a play date with our friends Sadie and Sophie at a library story time.  Logan and I were unplanned partners in plaid.

I knew we weren't going to make our towns Christmas tree lighting due to black Friday work, so we attended a local outdoor mall's event.

There were some glitches, but we got to see Santa and the whole place light up at once...

and then we were right under the fireworks display!  Yay for free entertainment!

I mentioned in a previous post that we went shopping on the Saturday after Thanksgiving... just to get out of the house.  This guy cracks me up!  He looks good in fur, huh? :)

 A Christmas tree, fire, hot chocolate, kids in bed, and a book... it was a great way to end my crazy Thanksgiving weekend!

a selfie of my sweeties

He's not emotional. At all. LOL!

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