Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Advent 2015 {{day twelve}}

We braved the crowds and headed to the mall on Saturday.  We tried to get there early, but it was still 10:30 by the time we arrived.  We thought we might be beating *some* of the crowd, but the line to see Santa was still really long.  Michael waited while the kids and I shopped.  We got our annual Christmas ornament made, and we headed to Barnes and Noble.  Not only did the kids enjoy playing, but they got to pick out a few things and use a gift card from their grandma!

We weren't sure how Logan was going to do.  We were convinced he was going to cry, so we let Olivia go first and have her little chat with Santa.

Do you want to know what she asked for?  A pink marker.  Yes.  Just one.  Oh, this girl.  She cracks me up.

The story behind it--she spends a lot of time coloring/drawing/writing.  She likes to keep it all on the kitchen table.  She will spend an hour or so working.  Then she'll get up and play for a bit, and then go back to her art.  Well, we kept telling her that she had to put the caps back on her markers or they would dry out.  So some time BACK IN AUGUST, her pink marker dried out and I threw it away.  Mind you, as a former first grade teacher, we have more markers/crayons/colored pencils than any one child could ever need.  But she fixated on that dried our marker that got thrown away.  I have been asking her for two months now what she was going to ask Santa for (so I could plan and shop) and her unwavering answer has been "a pink marker".

Turns out, Logan didn't cry!  He thought about it for a second. There are a few pictures with an almost cry face... but then he stopped and just looked concerned. Towards the end I got him to give a little smirk, but by then Olivia's face had turned to a painful fake smile that was rough business.  Good enough!

We finished just in time to grab a quick lunch and go home for naps!

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