Monday, December 7, 2015

Advent 2015 {{day three and four}}

Our advent activities are a mix of free stuff at home, family traditions, fun events around town, and simple arts and crafts.  Since we are back in Texas this year, we had to change up some of our usual Ohio events for Texas events.  I found out about the Grapevine Parade of Lights through Facebook, and thought it looked like a great event to add to our list!

Michael's mom offered to buy us dinner, so we were able to eat at The Rainforest Cafe since it was so close by. Olivia has been asking since her birthday to go back, so it was a special treat.

 Not the best picture... but this is all of us waiting for it to start.  We brought the wagon, and the plan was for them to sit in there.  But since we were a little early, they ran around in a grassy area for a bit before it started.  Olivia and Michael sat on the curb, Logan sat in the wagon for part of it, and I stood behind.

It wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be based on the Facebook pictures, but it was still fun.

There were marching bands, which Logan totally got into, floats, lights, horses, and even Santa.

I was impressed with some of the school floats!

It was actually chilly out for Texas standards, but it wasn't too bad.

Day 4 was window clings.  These were the same ones from last year, so they didn't stick very well at first, but we managed.

Olivia's room had the best windows to use, so that is where they did it.  She worked on the tree and the nativity scene and Logan and I tried to put up the snowmen and penguins.  They are still up on the windows, so I guess they just needed a little extra love to get them up.

The next day Olivia said, "I hope today's activity is exciting.  Yesterday was not exciting."  I guess going from a parade of lights to some window clings was a little too anticlimactic for her. ;)

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