Thursday, December 17, 2015

An American Girl Birthday

Olivia and I got invited to a mommy/daughter birthday party at the American Girl Bistro.  My friend Shaye and I were at the same MOPS table my first year in MOPS, and now we are both table leaders together this year.  Both of her girls have a December birthday, so she had one big birthday party for them.
Honestly, Olivia didn't (and mostly still doesn't) know what American Girl was.  But as a special surprise, I bought her a Target knock off during the Black Friday deals.  This is a big thing in our house, because we don't just buy random toys.  Our kids get 95% of their stuff for birthdays and holidays.  So to get a new doll out of no where was huge!  She immediately named her Emily and talked for weeks about going to "the doll party".

We got there a little early, so we got to walk around the store and check it out!

"I like that one!"

When we got up to the bistro, Olivia had a seat with her name tag and a high chair for her doll to sit next to her.

We got to choose our meal ahead of time.  The food was really good, and Olivia ate almost all of hers!  She had a great time coloring, talking to the girls around her, and eating the yummy food.

Happy Birthday Sadie and Sophie! Thanks for inviting us to your special day!

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