Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Bucket List

During the school year we are always doing something.  And those "somethings" always cost money.  MOPS... MOPS play dates... bring breakfast for MOPS... lunch out for MOPS... mom's night out for MOPS... Preschool... bring something for this party... bring something for that party... Life Group... bring a dish to share... chip in for babysitting... Church play dates... Church mom's night out...

All of these things are great.  They are our life.  They are how we socialize and build relationships.  I am absolutely not complaining.  Our life would be so boring without all of those things.  But when it came time for summer break and for vacation to be over, I had two thoughts.

1. Let's slow down and relax for summer.  My kids can be home bodies, Logan especially, and I didn't really want to be running somewhere every single day.  We've been home a week and a half and I'm already loving that we don't have to get up and get out the door every morning!

2. By slowing down, let's also spend less and save more.  Since we do do all of those extra things during the school year, I wanted to just try to do things cheaper during the summer and give our bank account a break too. (Plus, I want to do some fun field trips and extra activities when school starts!!)

Of course I still want us to have fun! And Olivia loves lists, visuals, and checking things off (just like her mama!), so I thought I'd make a list of things for us to do.  We likely would have done all of these anyway, but by putting it on a list it actually seems we are having a fun and busy summer.  When in reality, we are slowing down quite a bit.

I just threw this together with items I had on hand.  It's hanging in our kitchen.

I gave Olivia one of the posters and told her she could color on it.  She asked what a poster was, and then promptly decided that she was going to make her own summer bucket list. Man, I love her! :)
And I love her list!  I love it because it shows that it isn't about "stuff" but rather "time".  I told Michael that when I see this, all I can think is that we must be doing something right! :)

Her list

1. Go to the pool
2. have a picnic
3. bake a cake with mommy
4. go to a basketball game
 (we had baseball game on the list, so she put basketball.  I told her this one might not happen, due to season/time of year.)
5. go on a date (the car)
6. play with blocks

So that is what we are going to be up to this summer.  Among other things.  I'm pretty excited to have all of these adventures with my littles!  Happy Summer y'all!

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