Friday, June 10, 2016

Road Tripping, Day 6 and 7

Every Tuesday morning my uncle Dennis comes to my grandma's house and has breakfast with her before he goes to work.  Olivia took the opportunity to soak up more attention!  Not only did she carry on multiple conversations with him, but she got him to read her a few books as well. <3

Tuesday was our last day at my grandma's house.  We just hung out, did laundry, packed up, played a few more games, and then hit the road after dinner.

It only took us 2 1/2 hours to get to Columbus.  Logan fell asleep, but Olivia just watched a few shows on her kindle.  So when they got to Michael's mom's house they were wound up and ready to play.  It should have been bed time, but they explored all of the toys and played with their grandma for a few more hours!

The kids stayed up later than usual, skipped nap on some days, and played hard most days, but they did great at adjusting and going with the flow.  We brought the pack n play for Logan, which we did have to use some of the time.  But if they were tired enough, I let him sleep on the floor with Olivia.  This is how I found them one night.  Olivia was halfway off of the cushion.

On Wednesday morning Michael and the kids walked over and visited his grandma while his mom and I got ready for the day.

Michael's sister Jenny flew in around noon.  They picked her up from the airport and then we all went out for a yummy lunch!
And the kids spent the rest of the day playing with Aunt Jenny and Grandma!

Logan took a liking to Aunt Jenny right away!

On Wednesday night, Michael went out with his high school friends for a guys night.  Olivia and Aunt Jenny made necklaces.

While Logan and Grandma colored

Another great day of vacation was in the books!

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