Saturday, June 11, 2016

Road Tripping, The rest of the trip

On Thursday morning my friend Laurie came over to visit with the family.  She wanted to see the kiddos, and Olivia remembered who she was.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a single picture. :(  But after visiting with Michael and the kiddos for a bit, she and I left.  We went and got pedicures, had a yummy lunch, and hit up Target for some maternity clothes shopping! (for her, not me!)  I came home for some rest while Laurie had to run an errand with her husband. Then we met back up with our other friend Laurie for girl's night!

While I was at girl's night, the kiddos and Aunt Jenny painted bird houses for Michael's grandma.

Michael's grandma celebrated her 86th birthday the week before we came.  Michael's mom planned a family birthday party for her for Friday afternoon.  The kids got to help with the preparations, gifts, and wrapping of the gifts. They loved it all!

Olivia and her grandma had been planning this party over skype for weeks.  Olivia was very specific about what colors of paper she wanted to use to make a banner.  She was thrilled when she actually got to make the banner that she had been drawing and talking about!

On Friday morning we headed over to the bridge to try to see a train. Every time Logan heard the train whistle he'd stop and listen and point it out.  Unfortunately, there was no train while we were up there waiting.

We played in the baseball field for a little bit waiting for a train to come...

He loves her!

Olivia's banner hanging for the party!  I actually says Happy Birthday, but she used different colored markers and it didn't show up too well in the picture.

We started the party out with a pizza lunch.

Olivia and Logan had helped wrap some gifts, and then decorated them with stickers.  Logan was eager to help his great grandma open her gifts.

Two of Michael's cousins and their kids were there, along with one of his uncles. Then, of course, all of us.

Showing Grandma Marge the bird houses they made.

 The cake was a snickers ice cream cake from Dairy Queen!

The cousins enjoying some ice cream cake

We spent a few hours at grandma's, and then came home to relax for a bit.  Logan actually fell asleep watching cartoons.  After dinner the kids got to play stickers with Aunt Jenny and Grandma.

Aunt Jenny had to leave on Saturday, but the kids soaked up every last second before she had to leave for her flight.

Olivia even talked her into a game of hide and seek.  They had so much fun with Aunt Jenny!

We had a relaxing last afternoon. We did laundry, went for one last visit at Michael's grandma's house, packed up a few things, and Olivia and grandma did some art while Logan was napping.

Our little family went out for dinner, and then Michael headed to his best friend's house for one last hang out. 

We left to head back home on Sunday, the 29th.  We were on the road by 9 AM.  We stopped for a Cracker Barrel lunch around 12:30 and then drove until about 6:30.  The kids did GREAT.  We probably could have kept going, but we had the time, so we wanted to break up the trip and have one last fun night.

We stopped for dinner, checked into a hotel, and then headed straight to the pool!  Swimming as a family is much more fun than spending a few more hours in the car!  It reinforced to me that I need to get the kids into swim lessons ASAP.  Logan has no fear and hated being held.  He kept telling me to let him go.  I tried explaining that he couldn't reach (and we didn't have any floaties).  I even let his face dip under the water a few times to show him.  He didn't care.  He thinks he's invinsible! Oye vey.

We headed back up to the room around 9 and watched an hour of cartoons before we all fell asleep.

 We took our time getting ready on Monday morning.  We don't have cable, so the kids soaked up any TV time they could get.  They watched every episode of Paw Patrol, Lion Guard, and PJ Masks that they could!

They really were just SO good on the whole trip.  Logan started to melt down on the last day in Ohio, but I think that's understandable.  He had been away from home for 10 days and had been off of his eating and sleeping schedule.  They were awesome in the car, and we really had no issues.  They had a great time seeing all of their family!  It was a good trip.

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun road trip! Glad it worked out so you go to see everyone while you were there :)