Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ducky Days at Watters Creek

Pictures of Olivia's birthday are coming, but I wanted to catch up on a few other posts (that will take less time! ha!)

Our local outside mall has a kids event every month.  It always conflicted with preschool, so we had never been.  But we checked out this month's event.

They had this children's entertainer.  I'm not sure if it's the same guy every time, or someone different.

They played a parachute game

and a tickle tunnel with some of the moms

One of the reasons it's called Ducky Days is because there is a lawn with all of these duck statues.  What a cutie! :)

Olivia was first in the tickle tunnel, so then they got bored waiting and headed over to the play area for a bit.

Olivia taught him how to yell "echo" in tunnels. ;)

It was 8 bajillion degrees outside, so we only lasted about 25 minutes.  But they always give away a craft (I think it cooler temps, you actually do the craft there) and a goodie bag.  My goodie bag had some coupons for the mall and some brochures and a FULL SIZE Bath and Body Works lotion.  Totally worth melting for!  And the kiddo bags had all sorts of goodies--sunglasses, slinkies, necklaces, paddle ball... All sorts of fun!

We left there and headed to Target for Icees and Father's Day cards.  Logan loved his new sunglasses!  He's such a cool dude!

We're checking the items off of our bucket list!

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