Monday, June 6, 2016

Olivia's Preschool Graduation

Well, we went on our 12 day vacation, came back, and have been back in the swing of things for a week.  And I've yet to blog about any of it! Ugh.  It's coming!  But before we get to that, I still have pictures from Olivia's preschool graduation.

I don't have pictures from the first part.  Michael got up and recorded it, but she was the very first person on the complete other side of where we were sitting.  Pictures were just not happening.  Honestly, I couldn't hardly see her for most of it.  Which was probably for the best, because she did her classic Olivia can't act normal on a stage in front of people bit. :(  They sang a few songs and answered some catechisms.  She participated in about half.  Which, according to her teacher was "good for her".  (I have no idea what her issue is!!!)

She did great for the actual graduation part, though.
They  played a slide show with one of those gut wrenching "don't grow up" songs that had everyone in tears.
Then they played pomp and circumstance while the kids lined up again.

When they called her name, I *almost* went to the ugly cry.  It was all a little too emotional for this mama.  Where did my chubby little baby go?

(My good camera had a dead battery, so sorry for the cell phone photos!)

She was amazed that she got a diploma, and her reaction got a chuckle from a few people in the audience. :)

What a beauty!

These two!  Love them so!

My girl

Love, love, love!

Since we were leaving town a day and a half later, we skipped flowers and balloons and went out for ice cream after instead.  Olivia loved it!  She's all ready for Kindergarten!

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