Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Frisco Rough Riders

Our life group takes a break during the summer because everyone has different schedules, vacations, lake days, etc.  But we do want to try to see each other every once in a while.  Our June outing was a trip to a Frisco Rough Riders game (minor league baseball).
I had been once before with some MOPS leadership, but the rest of the family had not been.

My mini me

One of our families go a lot, so they suggested we do lawn seats.
1. It's cheap!  It's only $7 a ticket (and Logan was free!)
2. The kids can run around and play
3. There is a play ground at the park (yes!) and the lawn seats are close to that. So it's easy to go back and forth.

Since that family goes a lot, their girls know that two things are going to happen.  They get to play on the play ground, and they get dip n dots.  So in keeping up with their tradition, Olivia got her first ever dip n dots!

The crazy crew... with their dads in the background

Fun times!

Baseball game: check!

We want to go back some time with just our family and actually sit in good seats.  Maybe next year when Logan can appreciate it a little more.

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