Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Road Tripping, Day4

My aunt, uncle, cousin Melissa, and her two daughters were all also in town from South Dakota.  That meant that all of my grandmother's great grand children were in town.  It's rare that happens.  So she wanted a picture of them.  And since we were all in town, my aunt Donna decided to have a Norwex party at her house.  Somehow it was decided that these two things should happen at the same time?!?! While all the women of the family gathered at my aunt's house to eat and chat and buy some cleaning products, all of the men (and my cousin Allison) met at my cousin Sonja's house for mayhem and pictures.

Apparently not everyone was in the mood for pictures, but my uncle was able to capture a few good ones.  Enough so that my grandma was happy, and that's all that matters. ;)

This was a zoom in of one of the pictures my uncle took.  It totally cracked me up.  Olivia is being dramatic and Logan is looking skeptical.  It totally sums them up!  I love it! :)


A picture is worth a thousand words?! :)

Logan with my uncle Clayton

After they took the pictures they got to have a little fun.  I was told Logan was really into the bubbles.  Here he is with my cousin Allison's boyfriend, Lucas.

Logan and Allison

My uncle was giving golf cart rides. Fun times for these little girls.


I guess at one point Olivia told my cousin Allison that she wanted to get in the bounce house but it was "just too dangerous in there". Ha ha! But she got to go in it towards the end when it was a little more calmer.

Another ride! This time with cousin Allison

Olivia and Ellie

Even though there were some reservations (on the part of the mommies), the pictures turned out and the kids had a great time playing together afterwards.

We were back at my grandma's for dinner and more visiting with aunts, uncles, and cousins.

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