Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Library Summer Reading Kick Off

Each year the public library has a summer kick off party to encourage people to sign up for the summer reading program.  The library closest to us has the city workers and emergency responders there with their vehicles to do a "truck rodeo". Then the kids to get climb in the vehicles and see them all up close.  We went to the kick off party last week.
Olivia wanted to head to the mounted police first, because HORSES!
(The picture wasn't great, because I was trying to keep Logan from doing anything crazy.  But they both did pet one of the 3 horses.)

From there we snagged a picture in a front loader.

The front loader was one of the highest off the ground, making it the most desired truck.  Of course, Olivia insisted we stand in the big line to check it out.  It was hot, I didn't have a stroller, and Logan was unsure of what was going on and wanted to be held... so standing and waiting wasn't necessarily ideal, but we did it.

Thankfully that was really the only one she wanted to go in, so I got away with just pictures and no lines for the other vehicles!

15 minutes in the Texas sun, and we were ready to be one.  We headed inside for balloons, stickers, pictures with a mascot, and our summer reading logs.  We're all set.  Time to get reading!

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