Thursday, June 16, 2016

Color Week, part 1

When I looked into summer camps for Olivia, I was finding that things were $150ish for a week of 2 to 3 hour days.  I realize that we are in an affluent area, and I do think that camps have their place, but to pay that much for a 4 year old seemed crazy to me!  So I just decided we'd try to do something fun every day.  I started collecting ideas on Pinterest.  A lot of the ideas seemed to have similar themes to them, so then I got the idea to just do our own little camp.  You can take the mommy out of the classroom, but you can't take the teacher out of the mommy. :)

I told Olivia last Sunday night that the next week was Color Week.  She didn't even know what that meant, but she was instantly excited!  I just called it color week because I found a few fun things in the dollar spot and everything was bright colored, so the theme took place...
We started out by playing with play doh.  We hadn't played with it in months, so both of the kids thought it was fun and exciting!

Olivia kept wanting me to take pictures of her creations and send them to Boppa.  This is a pizza. :)

So then Logan had to show off his creations. :)

Michael's mom had bought all sorts of art supplies for our visit.  She sent us home with what we didn't use.  So activity number 2 for the day was to color these masks.

She told me to send this to Michael.  She said, "I wonder if he'll know it's a talking hippo?" LOL!


Activity three was a colorful sensory bin... made up of all things I had on hand!

For day 1 they spent 2 hours of playing between the 3 activities! The best news is it was all FREE!

Day 2 started with a "magic milk" experiment.  You put milk in a dish, add drops of food coloring (which was good until Logan got a hold of it), and then put a q-tip in some dish soap.  Put the q-tip in the milk and the colors just move around on their own.

Fun for everyone!

We did it once, they started mixing a little too much and it ended up turning dark blue, so we dumped it and did it again.

Next up was dollar spot slime!  This is her laughing hysterically when it splattered on the table. :)

We had two packs.  One pink one for Olivia and one blue one for Logan.

The last activity of the day was some water painting. This also came from Grandma's art supplies.  Each kid painted two pictures.

Day two was a little shorter, because we had to get ready and head to the library for the kick off party.  All in all they spent about an hour or so for day 2's activities and I spent $2!

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  1. You remind me of my sister - both of you are great at teaching at home :)