Friday, June 17, 2016

Color Week, part 2

Day 3 of color week started off badly. ;)  I bought two cans of silly string from the dollar spot.  First of all, it was too hard for either of the kids to use.  So I had to use it.  I started spraying them and Logan started crying.  He hated it. LOL!  (And if you haven't noticed, we were potty training which is why he isn't wearing shorts in most of the weeks pictures.)

Olivia didn't know what to think, so she just sat down in the grass.  Ha ha!  They eventually started taking it and decorating the tree with the string.

To regain the fun, we ate colorful popsicles and played outside for a little while longer before someone started flinging wet sand (cough, Logan, cough).

We took some glow sticks to the baseball game for all of the kids and our two just loved them.  They even loved them the next day when the glow went away.  And it reminded me of the glow bath we did for Olivia's second birthday!  We hadn't done that again in the last 3 years, so I knew this would be a special treat.  Of course they had a BLAST!

Also in the dollar spot were these glow balloons.  After the bath we dried off the glow sticks, got dressed, and went into Logan's room where I surprised them with the balloons.  They played in the dark for quite some time.

Day 3 we spent about 3 hours on the activities and spent $8.

Day 4 started with some color mixing.  I filled some bowls of water and turned them into primary colors using food die.  I did buy a pack of ice cube trays at the dollar store, but instead of buying eye droppers, we just used medicine syringes. :)

If sissy takes a picture, then so does he... Cutie!

And they started mixing colors.  Olivia decided to make a pattern and Logan just did whatever.

She was in her element.

and he was pretty fascinated too

They filled their trays once, we dumped them, and then we did it again!


Activity number 2 was making fruit loop necklaces

Posing with her necklace on and holding the bag... for Boppa, of course.

what one does... the other does :)

We read The Rainbow Fish and then painted some rainbow fish.

After the fish paintings, there was more paint and they were itching to use it, so they did some finger painting as well.

Day 4's activities wound up taking about 2 hours and we spent $2 ($1 ice cube trays, $1 fruit loops bag)

Day 5 didn't go quite as planned. We needed to go grocery shopping and it ended up taking forever to even get out of the house (Logan is in the "I do it myself" phase) and then the whole shopping, unloading, etc.  So we moved the activity to Saturday.  I ordered a pack of water beads from Amazon for $6.  They played with them multiple times over the entire weekend.  The other thing I bought was a box of rainbow cookies, but we haven't gotten around to make them yet.

All in all the kids had a ton of fun.  It kept them busy for a few hours each day, it gave them something to look forward to, and we made memories.  The best thing about it is I spent $18 for the entire week for BOTH of my kids to have a week of fun. That's beats $150 for a camp that my kid may or may not participate in. ;)

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  1. That is so funny reading about your glow bath tub party because we just went to a birthday party & there were glow sticks in the party favor bags & I did the same thing for them that night! I realized I had done it for Sadie but we had never done it for Sophie & they both loved it!

    And Sophie is also in the "I do it myself" phase. I am not loving it :(