Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Road Tripping

Since we didn't go "home" for the holidays, we decided to take a road trip to see everyone this spring.  It was the first time we had all been back since we moved last February.  The timing worked out, because all of our commitments (school, MOPS, life group) were out for the summer.  Plus, by traveling over Memorial Day, Michael had to take off less work.  He went in early on the 19th, came home around 3:45, and we hit the road.  I had everything packed, including the car and the kids in it.  He just had to change his clothes and we were on our way.

About an hour into our drive, the kids were looking at books and Logan started fussing.  I pretty much knew right away that we were in trouble.  I could tell by the cry.  I reached back and rubbed his head, which was sweaty.  He said his head hurt.  Then all of the sudden I heard a weird sound.  I asked Olivia if he had just thrown up and she said yes. Whomp whomp.  Michael pulled off to the side of the road, and we changed his clothes and cleaned him up and the car seat the best we could.  Thankfully, it was just him being car sick, so there weren't any more issues.  We made some adjustments to his car seat, and tried to avoid looking at books and he was good.

We drove about three hours before we stopped for dinner.
After our dinner stop it was close to 8, so we broke out the kindles to watch movies in preparation for the dark that would come.  The kids did great.  Olivia ended up falling asleep before Logan did.  But we took advantage of their sleeping and drove until about 1:30 in the morning.

We spent the night in Rolla, Missouri and were back on the road by 9.  We stopped for lunch, but other than that we drove straight through and got to my grandma's at 6 (our time)/7(their time).  We tried to make it for dinner, but we got stuck in some Friday night rush hour traffic in Indianapolis.  The kids did great, and were so excited to be there!

Showing off her jewelry and princess shoes that my mom had for her.

On Saturday we went to the park with my mom.

Showing off her staticky hair

He thinks he can do everything!

Saturday afternoon my cousin Andrew came over with his little girl Ellie.  She is actually just about two weeks older than Logan.  Logan took an epic nap (recovering from the road trip), and the girls played SO nicely together. The adults all played cards!  And then later my cousin Allison and her boyfriend came over and hung out as well.

Sunday morning Logan got a good taste of Gigi's homemade caramel rolls. Yum!

Sunday morning we went for a walk around my grandma's little neighborhood.  The kids thought it necessary to lay in the grass.  The grass isn't the same in Texas. That's for sure!

More to come....

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  1. What a horrible way to start a road trip! Poor guy :( I understand though - I cannot read in the car.