Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Photo Dump

What else have we been up to this month?

Michael tries to keep the kids active at night.  If the weather is nice, they sometimes go to the park.  They've also been going swimming at the gym.  Of course, the kids love both of these options!

Typical Logan--snowman headband, pink bib, and a wagon full of fun.

Basketball anyone?

Ariel? Is that you?

Batman and Olivia


This kid.

He loves blankets.  Sometimes, he likes to use rugs as a blanket.  He's a weird one. ;)

Logan has taken to these two little friends.  The bear was given to Olivia by my dad years ago.  It's now Logan's favorite little friend.  He sleeps with him every night.  And the frog use to be Little Man's.  He gave it to Olivia, and now Logan has confiscated that as well.

We didn't have anything going on one weekend, and we needed out of the house.  So we tried out a new little neighborhood restaurant.

and then we walked around Cabela's.  The kids loved looking at the animals, checking out the boats and 4 wheels, and Olivia likes to shoot the bow and arrow (like Merida!).  Free entertainment!

Olivia got a small set of magnatiles for Christmas. They are very popular, but also very expensive.  So we started small to see how they would like them.  They didn't show much interest at first, but now they are a favorite toy around here.  Logan especially likes to build with them.  Open ended toys for the win!

We are getting to the point where we can spend more time outside.  Both of our camp chairs broke (they were old and worn), so I bought this old school lawn chair to have a place to sit while the kids play.  They thought it was the best thing ever and fought over sitting in it.


Every spring MOPS does a meeting called Tea and Testimony.  They send out formal invitations, have the meal catered in, and everyone is suppose to dress up.  The mentor moms decorate the tables all nice and fancy.  Then 3 of the moms from the group share their own personal testimony.  It is always a favorite meeting.  Here are most of the girls from my table!

Olivia usually only gets her kindle during Logan's nap.  She has some game apps that we've bought her in the past, but her current favorite is which is free and educational!  She doesn't always choose to use her kindle during rest time. Sometimes she spends all of her time coloring and drawing.  This is one of those days where Logan chose not to nap, but I let her play anyway.  She was teaching Logan how to use it.

He set his friends up at the table with him to have some breakfast.  Sweet boy!

Drawing fruits and vegetables


More magnatile fun!

This kids and his shirt... I found him like this again this month.
(Don't mind the protruding ribs. He eats. I promise.)

If you are on Facebook,  then you saw this.  We were doing the little egg hunt at our church, and he was pouting because he had to wait. 

and then this! There were golden eggs that had special prizes in them. This is Michael telling her that is not a golden egg. LOL!

She's getting adventurous in her eating!  Michael and I had a salad for dinner one night and she decided that she wanted one.  So this is her eating her first ever salad.  She talked about it for a full day until it was dinner time!

Helping make homemade biscuits.

Note: Apparently I only take pictures when my kids are in their pajamas.  Geez.


  1. Love these kind of blogs because you get to see what really happens in every day life :)

  2. Love the pictures of your lil peanuts!! :)