Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I saw a blog post recently where they gave an update on each person in their family.  They shared 3 things that may be new or different or just something that the member of the family is up to.  I thought it might be a fun and easy way to update since I've been slacking in the blog department.


* Michael got his review at work.  They do it at the same time every year, so it was more of a scheduled thing.  He got a raise, which was nice.  Not only did he get a raise, but his percentage was higher than the average. So that's always good to hear.  His job can get monotonous and boring at times (numbers, lists, numbers, lists), but the good definitely outweigh the bad.

*I already mentioned that his work will reimburse a gym membership 100% as long as he goes 10 times a month.  So we've joined a gym.  While it is totally not my "thing", it definitely is his thing.  He's been working out at gyms since high school.  We're working on getting healthier. A nice bonus is the pools.  He loves to swim and be in the water, and can't wait to take the kids!

*He's missing his high school friends.  That's one of the downsides of being in Texas.  But he's been trying to make new friends.  He's been going to lunch with guys from work, went to a club that meets at his work, and is also trying to get the know the guys from life group better.  It's harder to make friends when you are older, and especially for guys.  (I get to make mommy friends by default!)  Pray for good friends for him!


*I am about to celebrate my one year mark at Target.  I'll be getting a review and raise here in the next month or so. I've been told that my boss recommended I get "the highest raise possible", so we shall see.  I'm asked at least once a week if I'd like to become an ETL (executive team lead).  While the money would be nice, the hours would be insane.  Ultimately that doesn't work with our family goals.  But I do actually really like my job.  I mostly work at the service desk.  It suites me.  I get to organize, sort, defect things out, problem solve, follow systems and procedures (love!), help out the guests, and say no to the criminals (which feeds into my strong need for justice!).  It really is a good fit for me!  Plus, there are a bunch of 18 to 22 year olds that work there and call me "mom" and look to me for advice.  For some reason they just think I'm hilarious and wise, so I've got my own little side ministry going on. ;)
I'm also told regularly that I belong in AP (asset protection).  We'll just leave it at that...

*I've been asked to be the Discussion Group Leader Coordinator for next year for MOPS. Which means, instead of being a table leader myself (like I was this year), I will be over all of the table leaders.  That also means I will be on the steering committee.  So it's definitely more of a commitment, but I'm looking forward to it.  When I was asked about it, I just wasn't sure I could take on a big responsibility like that.  But truth be told, MOPS is the only thing I do that is for myself. Everything else I do is to serve my family or my church.  So while I may be crazy in taking on something else, I think it will be good for me.  When I texted Michael to tell that I had decided to say yes, he texted back "Yay! I'm so proud of you!"  I love that he could see the need for this in my life, and that he knows it will be using my talents and gifts.  He always encourages that!

*The time has come for us to plan for next school year.  I've been saying for a couple of years now, "The plan as of now is to homeschool."  It seemed far off, and there was always an opportunity for a change.  You never know what is going to happen with us. :)  But now we're here, and there hasn't been much change.  Neither Michael or I have a peace about sending our children to public school.  This is a very personal decision, and we don't look down on others for their choice to do so.  Our reasons are based on our own personal experiences--my mom is a public school teacher of 35+ years (too many stories), I went to private school my entire life, I taught at a private school, Michael went to public school until high school, he then went to a Christian High School (which, long story short, basically saved his life)... there are a LOT of reasons. I'm not going to say never, because I just don't know.  But for us, it is a last resort.  And we simply can't afford private schools around here.  So that leaves us to homeschool.  I am currently in the research everything mode.  I think I've got most of our curriculum picked out.  I have a general plan.  I feel alright about it.  We'll see how I feel come September! :)


*Oh this sweet girl. Everything in her life is a list form.  For the most part she has her top 3.  Her favorite colors are purple, red, and then pink.  Her favorite princesses are Ariel, Rapunzel, and then Merida.  Her favorite animals are elephant, giraffe, and then zebra.  Her favorite things to do are coloring, eating, and then watching TV.  She gets complimented on her coloring a lot at places like MOPS and church.  She always responds with, "that's because it's my first favorite thing to do".  Ha ha!  I'm pretty sure if you look back at posts from when she was 18 months old I was saying things like "she likes order" and it still holds true today.

*Shockingly, she has been trying new food!  Sometime before Christmas she tried a piece of sausage, which in and of itself is a miracle, and she liked it.  We said, "if you like that, then you'll like hot dogs!".  Up until that point, she had basically refused to try one.  She tried a hot dog and loved it.  That has snowballed.  She has become obsessed with zucchini (of all things?!).  She has also decided she likes pepperoni and salami.  She has tried fish and enjoyed it, and even ate an entire helping of roasted sweet potatoes--after pouting that they were going to be gross.  She tried a meatball, after insisting that she didn't like red meat, and liked it.  She also ate lasagna without picking around the meat.  And she tried some of her peas without a fight.  She didn't enjoy them, but she tried them!  This is a pretty big development since she didn't eat meat for over 2 years.  And her vegetable intake had gotten ridiculously low as well.  We are on to something here!

*She actually had a little rough patch with her behavior.  She got in trouble at school, which is pretty out of character for her.  And then when my friend babysat, she gave her all sorts of trouble and sass.  We have no idea where it came from, or what caused it.  She truly does get a little anxiety when things don't go "as planned" or as she thinks in her mind that they should go.  And then it becomes a control thing.  I think it had something to do with that.  But certainly not acceptable.  So she got all kinds of consequences, and eventually turned back around.  Fingers crossed it was just a weird side effect of the antibiotics. ;)


*My little love bug!  He's turning into such a little boy.  He still seems like a baby in my mind.  He has taken to copying Olivia for everything she does.  He wants to be just like her. Thank goodness most of what he has to copy is good behavior.  It is helpful when it comes to teaching him some new things!  I'm hoping this might also help in the potty training department.  He has already asked to go potty--although, I don't think he's truly ready.

*He has had a word explosion in the last month!!  Partly because he's copying everything Olivia does.  He also copies everything we say.  His vocabulary has easily tripled in a month or twos time.  He is probably still hard to understand for those who aren't around him all of the time, but that is pretty normal.  It just makes me happy, because I am *hoping* that with communication comes less tears.  Please.

*He has recently started fighting naps.  This just makes me want to cry.  Isn't it too early for him to give up naps?!  Honestly, I don't know what I am going to do when that day comes.  Now that I work at night, I nap almost every day.  And even if I don't nap, I at least just rest for a bit and enjoy the silence.  I can trust Olivia.  I don't even know how old Logan will have to be before I would trust him to his own resources at nap. 10? 12? 15? When he moves out? Ahhh!!!  I am hoping and praying it is just a phase.  We did skip naps for the first time ever this last weekend and he did just fine.  And he didn't nap at all on Monday, either.  Not because I didn't try.  It's a sad, sad, day folks...

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  1. Loved this post! I don't even know your husband & I don't see your or the kids too often but I feel like I know your family well after reading your blog :) I loved reading about your job. We have very similar characteristics & I love Target way too much, so I think I would enjoy working there too! But talking about the high school kids & your side ministry, that cracked me up because I can just picture it! And I am super pumped you are going to be our group leader. I think you will be fantastic!