Monday, March 14, 2016

Shaving Cream Shenanigans

Last week was spring break around these parts.  Besides having my Facebook timeline filled with pictures of trips to the beach, Disney, and even places like Ireland and Tokyo... it was just an ordinary week around here.  Except Olivia was home for the two days she usually goes to school.  And it was rainy.  Every day! Blah!

I thought we'd do a rainy day craft one day, so we set out to do this...
Rainy Day Umbrella Craft -- create a colorful, swirled looking umbrella using shaving cream!:

I gave Olivia the colored ones

and Logan the blues

By the time I had Logan situated, Olivia had mixed the colors probably a little more than we should have.  We laid the paper on and attempted to do the craft.

I followed the directions.  I read and re-read, but ours wasn't turning out anything like the picture.

So we decided to scrap the umbrella craft and just make it a sensory play time!

The kids didn't mind one bit!  Olivia's played in shaving cream before, but I'm pretty sure this was Logan's first time.  He loved it!  Olivia was done and all cleaned up, and he was still going at it.  He was a little blue for a while. ;)

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