Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Banner and School Program

Since Olivia drew up plans for me to make a St. Patrick's Day banner, I thought I should make sure we had one for Easter.  The dollar spot had a few cute ones, but by the time I went to look for one, it was pretty picked over.  Instead, I decided to let my sweet little party planner help me out.

So I bought a pack of 16 egg cut outs for a dollar, and I had Olivia write on them.

Then she taped them to a ribbon that I had in my stash.

She loved the idea that she got to make the banner for us!

Meanwhile, Logan was dressing himself for success! :)

The finished product!  It's a little hard to read in the picture, because Olivia chose to use a gold metalic sharpie.  But it says "He Is Risen".  We had a good talk about what that saying means and why it would be a good phrase for us to use for our banner.

We made that banner last week.  Then this week Olivia had an Easter program at school.
They sang 4 songs and showed off the catechisms they learned throughout the year.

Then each class had their own little Easter egg hunt somewhere on the church property.

Lots of fun!

and a quick picture with Boppa before he returns to work!  Luckily his work is like 5 minutes from her school, so he can come and participate in all of the fun!

And every time we get home she runs up to the corner of the house by the flag and does a "pose".  She's a goof.  Love her!

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