Thursday, March 3, 2016

March Goals

February is a short month, but it seemed kind of long to me!  Anyone else?

Organize Crafts
I finally spent some time in the garage this last weekend.  I have a whole shelf of craft stuff.  The only thing I keep inside is my paint (for obvious reasons), and my silhouette.  It just makes it easier.  Maybe one day I'll have a craft room!  But for now I'm just happy to have 15 years of stuff sorted and organized.

Well, I already told you that we got these done.  We've already got our return, and it's mostly already spent.  On fun things like $1000 into car repairs and insurance and such.  Yay adulthood! ;)

Get stuff done around the house
So... this partially happened. I got something done in the pantry I wanted.  And I got a something in the empty picture frame.  I did the thing in the bathroom I wanted.  I did get the board for the laundry room sanded and stained, I just didn't get it hung.  The curtains didn't get hung either.  Those are things I need Michael's help with, and our time together to work on projects is pretty limited.  Hopefully this weekend!

Medicine Closet
I went through all of the baskets and got rid of expired stuff.  I ended up with a Target bag full of trash.

Sell the stuff!
It was time for my favorite consignment sale.  I've already sold all of my big stuff, but I had some spring and summer clothes to sell.  All in all I tagged 88 items.  I had both boys and girls stuff, but most of it was Olivia's 4T stuff that she wore for the last two spring/summers!
I had to take the kids to drop off with me.  I normally try to avoid taking them with me to tasks like this, but it was unavoidable with my work schedule.  I mean--who doesn't want to take that little sugar plum to a giant consignment sale drop off, and wait in long lines?!?

Thankfully the check in line moved quickly.  And both kids wanted to help me hang the stuff.  I had everything already organized by gender and size, so it went pretty smoothly.  Except Logan cried every time we moved sizes because he thought I was denying him the opportunity to help. (I'm not sure if he needs a xanax or if I do, but I'm pretty sure someone does!!!)

I made $170.  That's more than my goal of $150, so I'm happy.

I got to shop the pre-sale.  I didn't need much.  We still have hand me downs from our friends for Logan.  And I've been buying Olivia clearance stuff at the end of seasons, so I have some stuff from last year.  But since she wore the same stuff for two years, she needed some new staples. Done!

I also sold some shoes at Once Upon a Child, and my friend is having a garage sale this Saturday morning that I am going to do too.  I don't have much left to sell, but why not try to get more out?!


I am terrible at drinking water.  I wasn't made to drink water growing up.  It's never been a habit of mine.  It's awful how little water I drink.  I have mentally made this goal before. I start out good for like a day or two, and then go back to bad habits.  I actually drink very little in general.  It's weird.  I've always heard that you are suppose to take your weight, cut it in half, and that is how many ounces of water you should drink a day.  So that is my goal for this month!

We haven't done any crafts since Christmas.  We use to do one once a week or so, and now we are slacking.  Olivia is constantly asking to do creative things, so I need to step up my game.

Make dentist appointments for everyone.  We didn't have dental insurance for a while, and it is embarrassing how long it's been since we've been to the dentist.  Dentist appointments for everyone!

Go to a class at the gym. Oy.  Michael's work reimburses him 100% for a gym membership if he goes just 10 times a month. We can add the family on for a minimal amount, so we just joined.  I want to go to some of the classes, but I don't like to put myself in these type of new and awkward situations.  So this is going to take some major stepping out of my comfort zone.  Wish me luck!

I try to do a little bit of house work type stuff a day.  Our weekends are for family, and I don't have a whole day where I can just knock out everything. I've made a list.  I follow part of it.  For example, I always do all the laundry on Monday.  It just works out for us, because that is the day we don't have to leave the house.  And I always do my meal planning on Thursdays and grocery shopping every other Fridays.  The rest of it is just here, there, and everywhere... and some stuff doesn't get done nearly as much as it should.  So I want to try to stick to the schedule I've made.

Note:  We are now on day 3 and I have yet to drink enough water or follow my cleaning schedule. Good grief.

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  1. I love reading your blog because we are very similar in several ways! First off, I am a minimalist because I am always cleaning, organizing, donating or selling something! It drives Bryan crazy. I feel your pain on the crafts. I was doing a pretty good job in the fall of sitting down & doing homework & crafts with Sadie but I feel like since the holidays & just haven't had the time to catch back up & I need to do a better job. And I always try to do my chores during the week so we can play on the weekend :) The only thing opposite it the gym - I work out usually 5 days a week & it is my escape! I love working out because it gives me "ME" time & helps relieve the stress. Good luck!