Friday, March 18, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

We all know I have created a little holiday loving monster! :)  St. Patrick's Day was no different.  I had planned to give the kids a necklace I bought 2 for a dollar in the dollar spot, and give them special Lucky Charms (that I didn't even know existed until they popped up on my Cartwheel) and call it a day.

Then I woke up on Saturday morning to Olivia making herself a calendar so that she can know when "Patrick's Day" is and all of the other holiday's coming up. Oh boy...

So I bought a plastic table cloth from the Dollar Tree, and I found a pack of ten green paper plates on clearance for 60 cents at Target.  I didn't realize until I was putting it all together that it was a lot of green, so I went to my handy craft storage and got out some rainbow paper to use as place mats and break up all of the green.  Ta da!

Olivia made some decorations too!  She asked me to hang it up on the fireplace, so I did.  Apparently there was some miscommunication, because what she meant was these were her decorating plans for me, and I was suppose to make a similar banner out of paper and string and then hang it.  Since she told me this as she was going to bed... it didn't happen.  I told her that she was going to be a great event planner one day.  (To which Michael replied, "What mommy should be!" )

Green milk and special lucky charms were a hit. 
(She's tear stained because the necklace kept getting caught in her hair.)

A quick smile before school!  I convinced her to wear her hair up so that the necklace wouldn't get caught.  She hates wearing it any way but down. :/  She had her nails painted green and gold too!

So I've been wanting to do more meatless meals.  One that was on my list to try was a zucchini quiche (since Olivia is obsessed with zucchini).  When I realized it looked pretty green, I decided that would just be our St. Patrick's Day meal.  But I have never made a quiche in my life, and I didn't know how well it would go over.  So I added a fun little fruit rainbow pizza to add some deliciousness to the meal.  We also had green floats with sherbet and 7up.

The results were one happy little girl!  Memories made! :)

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  1. I don't even like fruit but your fruit pizza looked so good I would be willing to give it a try :)