Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

We got home from date night on Saturday night and set out all of our Easter goodies.

We kept the kid's baskets pretty simple this year.  They got coloring books, bubbles, binoculars, sidewalk chalk, a chocolate bunny, a pair of sandals, and 2 peeps.  Aside from the shoes, we spent less than $10 each.  I'm just so tired of the junk.  And after working Good Friday and seeing all of the materialistic consumerism I was even more thankful that we kept it simple.  Blah!

My mom always sends money (to save on shipping), so I picked out the Color Wonder stuff and the Water Wow books.  First of all, my kids LOVE these Color Wonder pages.  Logan got a pack for his birthday and they fought over it constantly.  But I also chose it because I was thinking of practical.  The big cases in the back are travel boxes that double as clipboards.  Perfect for our 18+ hour drive coming up in May.  They can color and the markers only work on the special paper. So I don't have to worry about my car.  (Of course, Olivia has already colored half of her princess book!)

And when Michael's mom asked what she could get, I once again thought ahead to our trip.  We have a kindle for both of the children to use, but we thought headphones would be nice.  In case we want to be listening to something else in the car.  Or.. so we don't have to hear the same thing over and over and over.  Which sometimes happens with those games!  Olivia has already tested it out and loves them!

Checking out the goods

"I see you!"

both of them are using them backwards! :)

Instead of putting the eggs in their basket this year, we hid a few around the house.

Logan got 10 and Olivia got 11. There were things like jelly beans, mini nilla wafers, craisins, and some recycled candy from our other hunts. ;)

and one empty egg... because He is no longer in the tomb.
He Is Risen!

We ate breakfast, got ready, and headed to church.

Our church had an Easter egg hunt after each service (hello, smart!).  So we did that real quick.  Then we headed to lunch at a local cafe.  Simple and no stress for mommy!  We had a nice, relaxing, family day at home the rest of the day.  Sweet perfection!

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